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The series is based on a series of books written by Kelly Armstrong.Binge worthy

and focuses on a Pack of werewolves whose Pack leader is based in Stonehaven manor. Elena Michaels a photographer from Toronto and the only living female werewolf who had permanently left the pack gets a call from the leader to come back. The mutts were trying to take over, entering stonehaven  territory and killing humans to frame the pack.

I enjoy this show a bit more than Lost Girl, as the last few seasons have been a bit lacking for me. I hope Bitten never slows Zi Approved  TV seriesdown. Also though I’m a vampire chick… I tink it’s the only werewolf show on.  I do have to say I follow a certain one of the actors from the show (I’ll just say it’s one of the guys) and he & his girlfriend are quite nice. (I wonder if he might answer a few questions for an exclusive for this Blog?)

Elena was Engaged or Married to Clayton Danvers who bit her, cursing her (or gifting her depending on your point of view) to go through a painful transition that could have been the death of her.  After time she had left the pack for a normal life which was supposed to be for good.

She’s (I forgot if it was) dating or Engaged to Philip, a human who can never know who she truly is. Of course as long as she is with him, he will always be in harms way from her supernatural world.  She caught between him, and the obvious feeling that seem to still linger for Clay. with stars Greyston Hold & Laura Vandervoort

The Characters

For season 2 a couple of these characters (one in which was becoming a fave)  are no longer with us, due to the war with the ‘Mutts’. I know that there will be witches in this next go round, but as to what they’re purpose in the show are (aside from being the Antagonist) I have not seen.

Catch up with the first season via Amazon Bitten: Complete First Season

Lost GirlLost Girl

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returning for it’s 5th season our favorite sensual succubus is back. Don’t know what a succubus is? They feed off of human (and fae)engery by having sex, however she’s able to just breathe it in from them whe nshe kisses them.  Stuck in between the light  and dark Fae clans, Bo who’s quite the rebel refuses to choose. (In which allows her to traipse onto properties of both the Light and dark  fae societies

The start of the last season all of Bo’s friends or going on living their lives, all I could think of was where’s Bo? Why is no one mentioning her? Have her freinds forgotten about her?  Bo is stuck on a train and we come to learn is married, and  has chosen a side. We  finally meet Rainer “The Wanderer” (Kyle Schmid)  who still exists thanks to Tamsin, because as a Valkyrie she didn’t take his soul to Valhalla.  For me last season was a whirlwind and I hope Syfy will be showing at least a few episodes before the premire. (Say starting from Episode 4 or 5….)

 Kenzi the loveable human in goth is supposed to be in hell (though I don’t remember that part).

Ah Found something that can help recap past seasons thanks to  the  Lost Girl Wiki Page

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Find Lost Girl via Amazon Lost Girl: Season 1

Lost Girl: Season 2
Lost Girl Season 3
Lost Girl Season 4







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