The Friday Bind- The Shadows

The Shadows by J.R. Ward

Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood

Released: March 31 2015

From reading the summary on Goodreads, it seems as though  that brothers ‘Trez’ & iAm will be  featured in this story. Reading what the plot is supposed to be, really doesn’t tell me much, other than it sounds like it might be a ‘junior’ version of Zadist & Phury.

Now I am no where near reading this book, I am trying to do a preview for it for those of you interested, but sadly I cannot find much about it and I am not just going to rewrite the description that’s on  J.R.’s page, or goodreads etc.  I have all the books but so far have only read 4,  likely I’ll read #5 later this year.

Becasue of this I do not want to speculate as to what may, or may not happen in this volume. I don’t even think either of them have yet been mentioned in the books I have read so far. I’ve tried to find something more about the book, than just the summary of the plot but if you want, you could always check out this link Ward author_blog/-the-shadows-spoilers

want to find out about the series? see  My BDB page

* Goodreads page  *  BDB Wiki   *j. r.

I’m guessing this

Legacy Spin-off  blood-kiss from what I hear will be out december

will be abotu the kids of the brotherhood (thought that could be wrong)


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