The Deaths of Ian Stone

The Deaths of Ian Stone is a horror thriller from the 2007 After Dark Horror Fest: 8 Films to Die for.

Mike Vogel stars as Ian   and co-stars Jamie Murray  (Fright Night 2 2013) as Madea, and Christina Cole as Jenny

The 87 minutes is worth a watch, and  definitely a memorable movie, with a twist and turn! I’ve watched this before maybe 2 years ago and like me may even find yourself watching it down the line for a 2nd and maybe even a 3rd time.

Ian stone is like a cat, in the fact he may just have 9 lives!I think 3-5 times he dies, then wakes up a bit rattled and in another world, another life etc with one constant,  Jenny.

There is something Ian does not remember, but is being chased for by unseen forces (they will let you see them if they want you to, usually right before you die!). He knows he’s in trouble when the clock stops, that’s means they know where he is.

When you see the ‘creatures’ the best way for me to describe them is The Grim Reaper + Dementor (from Harry Potter) – the Dementor shroud= a Harvester. (basically Death or the Grim Reaper)

I still had a laugh towards the end, when a few of the characters are in latex looking like the 2nd coming of the Matrix!~ I’d like to go on with more of a Review,  but then I will  likely spoil it.

I HIGHLY recommend.

Rent or buy The Deaths of Ian Stone (After Dark Horrorfest) Via Amazon


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