TV Tuesday- Haunting Australia


So tuesday March 24   the 1 hour show Haunting Australia started  on the  Syfy station  Tuesday @ 10 pm(U.S. est)

For the Pilot they are investigating the Woodward Academy  for boys  “White Lady’

they have a ‘cast’ of …

  • a Medium/Exorcist
  • a supernatural sleuth
  • a meta-physic paranormal investigator
  •  medium clairvoiant
  • with Lead Investigator Robb Demerest


The voice over narration sounds so cheesy. I thought with all these people they weren’t going to use any of the scientific tools for the investigation but they do.

There are 12 spirits said to reside in the building or so they are called ‘The Dismal Dozen’.

as far as watching my 6th sense is telling me something is not right. They are (or at least one of them) either fakes, and if they

are not I am unimpressed. Maybe in some way it’s scripted but then again even if they don’t actually have a ‘script’ it is in a way as whoever edits the footage is able to manipulate the story of the show. What Might be more interesting, or something so bad happens they keep it out of the show.

so far at least for the pilot      D

I’ll tune in again for another 1 or 2 episodes to see if it gets any better (or a spot that is at least interesting.)

So it’s tuesday following this week they were in Geelong Gaol (jail- YEP that’s how they spelled it~I thought someone made a really bad typo when I first saw it)

So 2nd episode and I’m still not sold. yes they do use scientific ways with the meters etc, but we mostly see close ups of their faces with the camera rigs they have on them. Also the ‘psychic’ woman does not have believing she is. She came off as acting especially after she went out because she thought a spirit was attaching itself to her. The way she was ‘cleaning’ herself, all wrong only one way to supernaturally ‘clean’ yourself of spirits  and that’s with a white sage cleansing (also can be done to rid yourself and home of negative energy.)

The cast & the way they go about the ‘hunt’ is just not proper paranormal research, although the one guy does get something of a name or something around one of the areas. There’s one problem, they don’t let us know if any research has been done before,  (at least on behalf of a few of them,  I don’t expect the psychics to do it) but they could at least tell us  bit more about the area etc.  I still say there’s too many of them, not to mention in different areas & no one switches to see if they get the same evidence from one of the others’ ‘abilities’. I think there is only one or 2 of I think 6 that may not be fakes! The show is a bore, there’s realy nothing to watch out of it. (Unlss you want to see up someone’s nose with nightvision!)

This is about the 5th paranormal show I have tried watching, and frankly none can beat Ghost Adventures. They tell you the story of the area & the building(s) they are doing their ‘lockdown’ in. They use a variety of scientific Techniques The only sad thing is we are not able to feel what they do or how they are being affected at the time. I still get goosebumps when I watch it.


Ghost adventures 5

other paranormal shows 0




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