Four To Score partial Review & Wicked Charms – Chapters 1 and 2 | Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum SeriesSo right now I am reading Four to score, in the Stephanie Plum novel series. AS usual there’s plenty of laughs and Stephanie  being in Peril.

Stephanie gets another bail jumper and has to track down a waitress who doesn’t want to be found, and who has sent her Ex on a scavenger hunt of sorts.Her arch-rival Joyce is on the tail of of her and the case. She’s also being accused of stealing someone’s boyfriend, which doesn’t end there as the accuser takes justice for lack of a better term into their own hands taking it out on Stephanie’s personal (and even some Public) Property.

I have 91 more pages to go as of Friday 3rd and i think I figured out who it is sending the threats about the boyfriend. Stephanie thinks its someone hung up on Morelli. Speaking of which after Stephanie’s Car among other things gets torched she ends up staying at Morelli’s until repairs are made, which brings some of the Morelli family to the assumption that Joe & Stephanie are getting married and more. Between the Plums & Morellis I don’t know which family is ‘worse’ I LOVE Grandma Mazur, but at the same time Grandma Bella is a force to be recconed with. Morelli’s family doesn’t listen and when Grandma Bella has a ‘vision’ of something to do with Stephanie, the whole family listens even when there’s no actual proof of what the vision was is true.

As for Steph’s case.. she not only teams up with Lula, and Morelli ,  but Sally Sweet as well.

Sally lives with Sugar, they are both in a band called the Lovelies. If I remember right the members are gay, but I believe Sally was not, and just doing it for the bands image. The new characters as far as Sally & Sugar go are refreshing and enjoyable. Sally help Stephanie with the coded messages Kuntz Ex, leaves around.

I forget how I got into the series, but I love them as well as the between the numbers  (which I need to find all but one or 2) and Wicked series. The Stephanie Plum series is witty, and to me should become a sitcom! sadly the chance for movies failed, but then again Katherine Heigel was the star of the One for the money, I think Reese Witherspoon or Melissa Joan Hart would be better choices. But then again I still have to watch the movie! I just wish the series could get another chance for the movies (or maybe a tv series!)

For the final piece of the Review stay tuned I will post it to Who’s Stephanie Plum Page  for now.. I thought


with the Wicked charms coming out I believe in June (or was it july.. (You can find out on my Who is Stephanie Plum page in the header under the Book nook. I thought I’d include the link for  Wicked Charms – Chapters One and Two | Janet Evanovich.



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