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Well last year they took away ALL the comedies I liked Dads, the one with the blind father, Enlisted just to name 3 of the better ones  (& previous to that also S^!+  my dad says )  So let’s HOPE This one stays. Because of losing all my favorites from last year, I was surprised this was coming back for a 2nd season, but quite happy.

The setting is based in Michigan (I think somewhere in Detroit)

There’s a variety of comedy on here, not just jokes, Body language, ‘roast’ing each other, sarcasm, and more basically it’s a little something for every sense of humor.  Chris D’Elia plays Danny who is the tool of the group, basically he’s a puppy that needs to be house trained,  somewhat the bad boy but with out the danger, as none of the other characters fit that description. The play & chemistry between he & co-star Brent Morin who plays Dweeby Justin; the kind, sensitive, sweetheart  Black Eye Bar owner who is the one your mom would like you to end up with, only one problem.. he’s ALWAYS wearing Khakis. Danny takes him under his wing (Pilot season 1) and helps him out.  These 2 guys make up for 95% of the comedy on the show.

Bianca who plays Leslie (which I think is Danny’s sister) hangs out in the bar with the gang, having a few drinks and holding her own with the others. Burski  played by Rick Glassman is usually in the background, and is a nerdy geek perv, with a huge crush on Leslie.  David Fynn who plays Brett ‘The Brit’ and just out of the closet bartender, who has finally found himself a boyfriend, or at least a date.

Then there’s sweet lovable bear like Shelley which I can’t think of a thing to mention about him. Nothing bad to say about him.

In the 2nd episode of the 2nd season toward the end of the show, Brett & Leslie (I think it was her) are talking abotu their dream guys and Leslie said  her dream guy would be spliced from… & starting with  Taylor Kitsch (which nearly gave me whiplash to hear his name on one of my shows), & Ended with Chris Hemsworth World’s sexiest man! … I still haven’t caught who the other’s were she mentioned!

There’s also one phrase they said once or twice last year & I forget what it referred to… “Banana Pants’ & every time I hear it I end up soundsing likek the Pilsbury Dough boy!


I’ve included links to watch so you can see for yourself. SO far there has only been 1 or 2 episodes this season… So

You can Watch

Undateable: The CompleteFirst Season  & catch up with  Season 2 via Amazon

see show & cast info on IMDB




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