Why Horror

I’ve never had a monster under my bed (It was always used as a storage area) however there was that time when I was little and had something before bed that I dreamt there were snakes under it. I had to go to the bathroom so bad, but refused to step on the floor, as I thought one would bite me! Meanwhile the fear should have really been of the toilet as my father had a bad habit of leaving the seat up.. Well, after I woke up one night to go to the bathroom, and fell in; (cause the seat wasn’t down) my whole scrawny little butt, Ass to water… in the toilet. He never forgot after that to put the seat down!!

I didn’t have a closet to have a closet monster (until I got into high school & well that was the linen closet so no room there) I didn’t have a closet, a monster would fit in until the Summer of 1994 when I had already graduated.

Really the only fear (or were they night terrors) I had was of fire. I have no explanation of the reason why I had this fear as a kid. I don’t think I knew anyone that was in one, I had not been, and so on. The only thing I can chalk it up to is unscientific; that of which would be maybe something that happened in a past life.

To me the only monsters there are is that of the deep (hello I watched Jaws at like 5!! Well part of it toward the end Where the shark ‘smiles’ at Quinn). The other basically myself, why? Because I lived a street or 2 over from Elm St. and well  You can read the full story in here  nightmare-near-my-street. I hate basements I think because of this movie & our basement gave me the creeps because of it! (If it’s not a furnished basement, I am a bit reluctant to go in. Attics are not a problem unless I have to use a ladder)


1.why is it that I’m  drawn to horror movies?

2.Why do I like being scared?

3. why do I have so much fun watching people get sliced and diced, on screens both big and small?


That last I definitely have an answer for: stress and frustration  .  If someone pisses me off, I can’t do that to them becasue of laws and likely I wouldn’t get away with it if I did. So in a way it’s a stress reliever and my way of enjoying seeing some A-hole in my life get what they deserve.

As far as the other two, we can only theorize.  As far as being scared, movies don’t scare me; though the Red faced demon in Insidious gave me the creeps (which I don’t get easily) but as far as actually getting scared  it doesn’t  happen. Aside from a cheap scare like a loud boom I wasn’t expecting (maybe timed a few seconds too early) then I may jump cause I’m caught off guard.

then there were 2 instances where I had a dream after watching 2 certain movies I think the 2nd or 3 time & had a nightmare about it.

Nightmare-near-my-street was one of those movies

scream-the-rules-of-horror I just thought was a great original idea for it’s time

I think from a young age I always knew what was on the screen wasn’t real (though I will NEVER watch, Old Yeller, or Black Beauty ever… They showed us those during lunch break when I was in grade school, and I think I cried, and if I didn’t I can tell you the only time you see me ‘hide’ while watching Any type of movie, is if I think someone is going to hurt an animal (yeah I’m sure it’s not real and all that but I just can’t see an animal get hurt real or fake! I flinch even when I see a split second clip to make you assume something got hit. I have to turn the lights off, just to try and make a horror movie feel scary to me! And gods help you if you interrupt me while watching! There’s nothing I hate more than when You want to just hang out in peace and watch a movie or a show, esp. one you are really into ahem..The Walking dead (don’t forget season hour and a half long finale is this Sunday) you get the whole attitude, and eye rolls and curses that are not just 4 letters but a few sentences!

Maybe because I saw Jaws at such a young age, maybe that’s why I don’t get scared of horror movies, or at least the antagonist doesn’t scare me. The best I get from a horror movie is maybe some goosebumps like that from Insidious’ theme music ‘Tip Toe through the tulips’  The 3rd Installment’s trailer gave me the willies but I think it’s more the song that did it. There’s a certain pitch or frequency I believe that  plays on our nerves certain ways. I believe that tone is in that song that makes our hair stand on end.

I know that just because my father let me see one scene and I just asked him Why said “I thought You would have liked it.” and that I had watched horror movies before (yeah I don’t remember those!) Though i will say the first time I remember going to the ocean I was in maybe Junior high school, first words while I was in ankle deep water, ….”are there sharks in this water?”


I am not making a play for you to let your kids watch with you, though you can start a little at a time with stories They do make horror stories for kids. R.L. Stein, Scary stories (an anthology of short stories). Also it’s a lot smarter if they do want to watch a horror story (or just something that’s violent) that you watch it together. You can even watch it first to see if there are any parts that you wouldn’t want them to see at all, and then you can just have them turn away, or fast forward past it.




Oh these   childrens-toys-as-scary-horror-movies poster images are great…  though  The one for Hungry Hungry Hippos… looks like the poster for Rouge  (think along the lines of an Australian Lake Placid, only no creepy creature loving old bitty.)

OOH COOTIES!! I have that but the old maybe 60s or 70s version my Nana had to play with me at her house.



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