TV Tuesdays Double Dose iZombie & The Returned


CW Tuesdays 9pm EST

iZOmbie is based on a comic series. Olivia, a physician goes to a boat party and wakes up in a body bag…literally! As for the one who witnesses this ..’Priceless’. After zombification she goes to work at the morgue …Don’t judge! .she needs a way to get her food, becasue if she doesn’t eat at least some brains she goes full ‘zombo’. When she eats brains she takes on some of their personality traits and knowledge like memories and in the pilot knew Romanian, was a clepto, and had visions of a murder victim’s memories.  The cop is told by the mortician that she’s psychic, and coming back from a commercial we get the comic panel treatment which has the title of our next ‘chapter’ or scene I guess you can say. Again the CW is recycling their actors and here we will see David Anders who was ‘uncle John’ on Vampire Diaries.  Anders has played a zombie before in the movie The  Revenant (link to look it up on  Amazon) or Netflix here.  He’s the one I think that scratches her in the pilot but doesn’t look like a zombie, and I have seen him in a scene speaking to her when he DOES look like a zombie so I’m just adding things together (though I could be wrong)  This has so many genres in it! The Comic, Procedural, Comedy and more. So with this show I think I’m going to have to start calling the CW the ‘Comic Shop’ instead of the TV TEEN  a fun watch  with smarts and a little original on the zombie revolution. Finally a smart Z, and about time they use this type of story as it was done in the 90s with vampires (as far as I can think the first time) how they get their blood without drinking from a person etc.)


The Returned (TV)

It’s probably just Resurrection masked by another name! Though it seems at least with Camille that the deaths have occurred recently (at least in the 2000s) ah finally I get my answer! 4 years, again for Camille and 6 years for Simon who  didn’t quite make his wedding.  The episodes feels like they flow along smoothly (faster?) unlike (and I had comparing shows even if they seem like the SAME exact storyline) Resurrection. Does that mean the Returned is better at least writing wise? (or does a show that feels like it drags on and sound monotonous mean it’s bad, or just for those whose brains run a bit slower  maybe for a 50- and up demographic? as far as Resurrection is concerned?).

After 2 epiosdes of the Returned I think I will keep doing so, even if it’s just to see if it’s ends up being (exactly) like Resurrection. I think for those who are Resurrection fans, will find it a comfortable watch, but remember it IS just starting, I just hope it doesn’t keep going on and on. (really maybe that’s why I do watch resurrection but don’t care for it, as it just feel like it goes around in circles.)

Oh & be warned  The CW will have their own version of what looks like a back from the dead (without being a zombie) show called the Messengers and NO I will not even bother with this one!


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