Audio Literacy – Ensiferum “One Man Army” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Ok so I may have ‘lied’ I wasn’t planning on doing a post but

Heri Joensen of the band Tyr posted this to his twitter/ facebook account that he recites a phrase from the Norse Hávamál

(which is supposed to be the teaching from Odin the ‘All-father’ my only problem is I think of Anthony Hopkins thanks to the marvel Movies!)

So I decided to give it a watch. I was just hoping it wasn’t Death or Black metal before I put it on and frankly even if it’s either… I like the song! Also I love that the video is in Black & white and the costumes are cool

Warning to those Not into Rock or metal….  Listen at your own risk!

after watching the video I gave them a look up and they are a Finnish Folk metal band which in translation (usually) means Viking metal , on Metal blade records


You can find more On

Ensiferum  Wiki 


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