TV Tuesdays: Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies (2014) PosterSecrets & Lies is an hour long crime drama and stars (as you likely already know) Ryan Phillippe  (oh how I have missed thee!!… and gleeful he has come to the small screen, about the only way he’d be in my bedroom ::evil grin:: )  as Ben Garner & Juliette Lewis as Detective Andrea Cornell who is steely cold & you can already tell has judged him as guilty.

The pilot starts with Phillippe’s character Running home from his jog, but really it’s after he finds his Neighbor from across the street, Jess’s son in the woods… dead. (this you all know from the coming attractions already or should.)

Did he do it? Not sure, a twist here, a red herring there.. all I know is whether or not he did or did not the detective is such a pain that I feel like she’s harassing me through him! The media the classless asses they are gives the younger daughter a panic attack (seriously even if they think he did it, they should have a cop detail to at least keep things in check at least for the daughters!)

So far nothing predictable; though there are times he seems to second guess himself. So what is he feeling guilty of?

I highly recommend this must watch and not just as a second hand, background fodder type of show. Also you would really only have to commit to this season as on Jimmy Kimmel (you’ll see in the following videos) Ryan mentioned that it will be new cast members next season. If I heard right I think it’s only 9-10 episodes and they have already shown 2 of the episodes Sunday the first.

One highlight of the first video, Ryan explaining that his son gets jealous when he shows affection to his on screen children.

On other notes

OMG!!! from Fairy Vampire to FRANKENSTEIN?!!?!


little-girl feeding-some-crows-so-they-started-bringing-her-gifts…. with a hugh-jackman-cameo/

Talking Cats… I had the first one on speaker and my cat heard it & started going bonkers! 



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