TV Tuesday – The Night Shift

Last year I started to watch a medical procedural. I’ve never liked procedurals before as it’s pretty much an ‘outline’ show. By that I mean you know what to expect every week, someone gets hurt, they’re in peril, can’t the doctors help them, maybe a bit of soap opera drama thrown in and it looks like the victim can’t be saved & then they come out ‘fine’.

I was quite happy that I found out it was coming back for a 2nd season even though I saw headlines for Night Shift cancellation but I think there was another show with the name. All I can say is I am relived but at the same time that just adds another show to the LONG list of shows I watch on mondays (esp. once some of the others I watch start up again for their new seasons)

This show I watch intently (unlike some when I do crafts, tidy up, and other assorted things while watching are otherwise known as Background Fodder), as it gets pretty intense  itself. Yeah it’s pretty much as I described above but there’s more (at least to me) than just the predictable pattern each week.  They lighten the intensity with some pranks the doctors pull on each other, it’s one big well Functioning dysfunctional family! Of course this has it’s own soapy story lines but it’s not the cheese that you’d see on actual soaps.


Looking into make sure i get the names right T.C (the guy holding the patient in the ad above) we start off this season with him being on suspension. He’s played by Irish born Eoin Macken and apparently every actor that was in the Tudors is haunting (stalking ?) me! No matter what I watch it always seems like there’s someone from the Tudors shows Zi Approved  TV seriesup (also the occassional other actors seem to do so as well. Like Donal Louge but actors stalking fans via tv shows, even if the fan does not know they’ll be in it) will have to be a topic for another time (& yes you can start chiming in on what actors are ‘Stalk haunting’ you!) sorry for getting off topic!

So Eoin has been in at least 2 shows I watched, The Tudors & Merlin. While looking through the pictures on his IMDB filmography page, I came across one of him on Merlin, as for the Tudors it was only a few episodes but I didn’t see a picture that said it was from the Tudors) but still he looked familiar and wondered why.

Ken Leung who plays Topher was in Lost  (another cast that’s ‘stalking me’). One reason I started to watch it (to give it a chance) was Brendan Fehr who was in the show Roswell and the movie Forsaken and plays Dr. Drew Allister who is now out of the closet.  Freddy Rodríguez  as Michael Ragosa  is, and while I am not sure of what the position is called  exactly,  he is the one the Doctors call to  get approval of a procedure or not (is that General Administrator ?). Scott Wolf who was in Party of Five arrived to the show in last season’s episode four ‘Grace Under fire” and this year Adam Rodriguez has stepped in this season  as some zen ‘hippy’ type surgeon. (I nearly laughed when he started doing Yoga in the OR!)Motvision seal of approval

With that run down, I’d say to at least give it a shot, even if your monday nights are already full some of you out there have DVRs  and if you do not, then go check it out on your FREE On Demand station! (it’s on demand you have a limited time to watch the episodes like a month or 2 before they take it down to make room you will not find the full season at the end of the season)

You can check out more on the show and cast on IMDB 


I hope you will give it a try and that I helped you find a new favorite, hopefully you will Binge worthythink it’s a  Quality show!

Let me know as well I love to hear from my readers!

Night Shift shows on NBC Mondays @ 10pm EST

Even though it’s a procedural and they save lives each episode, they can still be funny to break up the monotony and to me feel as though the episodes go by fairly fast, so I’m going to give this both



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