Dracula Untold Video Release

So it’s a bit late but at least I was able to watch both the DVD & Blu-ray as well as the Bonus features.  Hope you Enjoy

Dracula Untold

Zi Approved  MOVIETitle: Dracula untold
Series: PG-13
Author: starring Luke Evans Dominick Cooper
Genre: Horror True story ‘Bio’
Publisher: Universal Studios
Release Date: October 10 2014 /Video February 3 2015
Format: Movie DVD & Blu-ray
Pages: 1 1/2 hrs (or a little more than)

 I couldn’t wait for Dracula Untold  to hit theaters! The movie was originally titled Dracula Year Zero, with Sam Worthington attached , but as to what happened to that project I do not know.  Wortho in my eyes is just not vampire material anyway. When I saw Luke Evans as Vald Tepes I was quite thrilled; besides, he’s got his own fangs! So with that he’s born to play the part! (more on this later)

I thought ‘Year Zero’ was a better title for the movie as it’s the first year he becomes Dracula. To me untold, sounds as if no one has ever heard of who the novel of Dracula was based on (which is always mentioned every time a new Dracula or vampire movie comes out).

I already know quite a bit about the true ‘Dracula’ I’ve been studying the history since I was a kid! Dracula has 2 meanings Son of the Dragon and by others Son of the Devil I didn’t need this movie to tell me that. Other parts I already knew to actually be true was that he was a beloved ruler among others that have been in other movies about Vlad Tempes, so the story was nothing new to me other than the new take on how Vlad becomes Dracula. Vlad seeks an ancient ‘creature’ in a cave in the Romanian Black tooth (or was it Broken tooth) mountains, to attain the strength and powers he needs to foil the Sultan of the Turks’, Ottoman army’s plans.
Vlad however has 3 days in which he must not give into the thirst, (I guess they are going on your body takes 3 days to fully digest something)  if he is able he will return to being a mortal. This rule I really don’t get cause after he drinks the blood, he dies (basically by just drinking the blood) so being he’s already died to become Dracula instead of becoming mortal wouldn’t he just become a corpse?

Though the name Dracula may be in the title it’s not that of the Classic, except for Universal’s Frankenstein mobscene, which may have been put in after as I heard about reshoot here or there and that Universal wants to take their monsters the way of Avengers. They sadly do not show Vlad’s darkside except for one still in shadow of someone on a stake, and when he becomes Dracula.

There is a titular moment where he says “You forget who I am” to which, would be his legend Vlad the Impaler. Not much gore or ‘horror’ but more of a fictional true story. if you watch the original Universal Movies (Their Legacy) You will see they weren’t really scary or gorey either. I think they were trying sort of for a family type film though I cannot recall the rating ah here it is.. PG-13. I do love the parts where Luke is fanged out and up in his enemies face, maybe about the only ‘scary’ parts. Luke Evans I say was made to play the role, he made it his own and was very Kick *** in it and I hope there will be a sequel green-lit. The action scenes were great especially the 1000 to 1 odds! Also have to give credit to the costume crew for that great armor they had with the Dragon on it as well as the sculpted shoulder pieces! (If only I had the money to buy it from whoever I’d have to!) The movie was fun and I was happy I would have a Dracula movie in time for Dracula Day (yes there actually is one! It falls on Bela Lugosi’s birthday October 20). I wasn’t disappointed with the movie (but wasn’t surprised either) There is something however missing from the movie (unless that was just me knowing most of the tale), however I still think it’s worth the watch in the theater and I will be getting it on blu-ray when it comes out. B

Here is more information on the DvD & Blu-ray release

Frankly I never saw the classic movies as horror (too dated maybe) but then again mom told me when I was still an infant they went to a haunted house and Frankenstein said “Leeeave the Chiiild”

Well here I would have said with that Ol’ Frankie Baptised me but mom said It was already done in the church. Oh well I guess Frankie was my baptism to the darkside or as a creatures of the night!

Here’s a review from someone on iHorror


As I watch the Blu-ray/ & Dvd special features I will include more in the section below. 


Dracula Untold Promotional picture from Universal Pictures Scanned by me

On  Tuesday February 3rd (a full moon) will be the video release of Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans as Vlad Tepes aka Dracula, and Dominick Cooper as the Sultan Mahmed

So how will Hollywood twist the tale of Vlad Tepes aka Vlad the Impaler & Dracula?

I already know the tale in varying sorts; though there are always a few ‘truths’ in all of them.

I do have to note that I was amused this came out 2 days after a Bloodmoon (I wonder if they scheduled it that way on purpose) if not, why not release it on Dracula Day? Dracula Day falls on October 20th & is also Bela Lugosi’s (the Original Dracula) birthday.

While on The Graham Norton show promoting Dracula Untold, Luke (err.. pardon the pun) Pointed out that during his audition (which was I think he said was on Skype) he’s moving in close to the camera so they see he has his own fangs; however they Motvision seal of approvalnever noticed. The funny part though is on set they’d tell him to take the fangs off and they’d be his natural ones! (as I say.. “Fangs make the man” )

If you want more information on ‘Dracula’ or even Vlad Tepes (the ‘S’ is pronunciated as SH)  I have a couple of pages I could guide you to. One of them is Dracula Day 

(I have to look and see where else I may have the information. Possibly my Vampire Bible on my Zodiacimmortal Blog)


DVD Review


Upon 2nd viewing there are actually (more) parts with the forest  of the impaled (than I remembered) but I still would have preferred at least one scene of Vlad being the Impaler. Though all we actually get is a not so climatic version of one of those he  turned for his vampire army.

I think Zak Barrymore (who also stars in Black Sails on Starz)  is a gypsy though There’s no scene of which to tell at first I thought he was just homeless but something in the way he was dressed or something made me think otherwise.

One thing I don’t get is  why the Sun eats away at his armor, it should only be his body the flesh muscle & bone alone. Another (though I may have already mentioned it) is the rule that after drinking the blood in which he dies, if he can keep from drinking blood for 3 days then he will become mortal again. That logically makes no sense. If he already died then even without drinking any blood he should either be a corpse or some form of permanent walking dead (would love your ideas on this in the comments)

DVD Bonus features

Day in the Life of Luke Evans

7 minutes

starts at the house he stayed in while filming @5:30 am (grrrr with a wake up time like that I’d sleep in the damn trailer on set!)  Not much to it just your typical day in the life and only one or 2 silly moments. (They could have done a better version maybe about a half hour the least something like a behind the scenes a trailer/set  tour etc.)


Dracula Retold

Don’t recall how long but at it was at least 5 minutes.

There’s one guy in the movie on the turks with blond hair, when I saw him I called him ‘wannabe Bjorn’ as in from the Vikings TV show. I nearly died when he popped up in this and I saw his name! The man should REALLY be in the show Vikings! His Name is Thor Kristjansson! He’s credited as ‘bright Eyes’


Slaying 1000-

4+ minutes

a Behind the scenes of how they did it



After watching the blu-ray I have to say seeing a couple of the scenes when they have Vampire Luke close up.. actually scary (or at least somewhat) I think if I saw that part as a little kid.. I might not be a vampire fan!) (yeah right! it’s in my blood! err no pun intended)


Bonus features

Luke Evans creating a legend  19 minutes and 46 seconds

Luke takes us behind the scenes of the movie with back story and some facts etc. Think of it as commentary but in mini form! I rarely watch the commentaries (I don’t want to know all the secrets about how it was made) but if I have the time or am bored out of my skull somewhere then I usually will listen to it while I watch (usually as background fodder)


An Alternate Opening (You can do it with or without commentary) I did without

I’m guessing this was supposed to lead in to the scene near the stream where they find the Turkish helmets & armor.


Deleted Scenes   (again you can choose with or without commentary & again I went without)

Vlad find scattered Turk Armor

Village of Baba Yagga

Vlad Mesmerizes ismail

Mehmed Kills Ismail

Clad and Marena Blood thirst

Vlad and Cazan: Dead Boys


also everything that was on the DVD as well.


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4 responses to “Dracula Untold Video Release

  1. Saw it after my son rented it. Not bad. Liked the idea of a new concept on how Dracula became a vampire. Looked like they might do a sequel due to how they ended the movie? Not bad though,


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