February Movie reviews (So far)

Locke– ** Tom Hardy Rated R 1 hr & 20 minutes.

Tim Plays Ivan Locke who is on a drive to London and during a career changing moment makes a decision that will cost  him everything.  It’s a bore!!!! I figured it would be but hey it’s Tom Hardy and I guess I was greatly hoping there would be more than just him in a car talking on the phone. WRONG!!! It’s like Phone booth only at least that had some story & action to it.  If I ever got that amount of calls in (what seemed like) a short time I think I’d break the phone & and any others i came across.  No accidents for talking or texting while driving  This was like watching a reality tv show  without the drama and just any ol’ highway anywhere in the world.  F

The Real Vikings Collection– (2013) NO this is on the awesome show on History it’s supposed to be an educational documentary about them. The first program (yes there’s a few but you can choose to watch all or just watch one at a time when you have the time) has that guy from Home Improvement (not Tim Allen the co-host of Tool time… ) So far i can’t take this seriusly but at least of what I know sounds about right. Minus wearing the helmets. I’ve read where if they did it wasn’t many unless they were in that army (which I can’t think of how to spell at the moment) C


Horns– ** Daniel Radcliff   a Dark comedy/mystery

Ironically… Iggy Parish (Radcliff) drives a Gremlin the car.. that barely exists as there were many recalls on them. Gotta love the sarcasm (at least the part I took as such). Iggy is accused (falsely) of Killing his girlfriend. The couple ‘argued’ a bit the night before at the diner. Apparently everyone calling Iggy evil and the devil in this small town has possibly made him become ‘evil’ even though he doesn’t seem as such but he does have the power of persuasion (or so it seems at first, & he doesn’t realize it)  He eventually tried to use this to find out who it was that really killed her. I had an idea of who but wasn’t really sure. When this persuasive nature starts people start telling him some dark secrets they did or what they’d like to really do etc. OF course it’s the Revenge to avenge someone bit. This is a bit of a new twist even though there’s religious B.S. in it but I’d say a C+ – B


Willow Creek– 1 hour & 20 minutes  a couple heads into the Northern California wilderness to track down the legend Bigfoot and of course film their adventure interviewing locals along the way. This was written & directed by bobcat Goldthwait & frankly it sucks! he needs another Police Academy movie if he could swing it,  (I think he peeked in those, I can’t remember him in anything else!)  & give me the time back. I swear I wish I had a time machine to go back & prevent Blair Witch Project from ever happening so that crap like this wouldn’t be made. Once in a blue mood maybe a good one comes out but that’s like a 1 out of 50 (or more) and if not good at least somewhat believable. it would have been nice to at least see a creature some actual fur on a person. (hell use one of the costumes that was made on Face-off that had fur on it! Instead of wasting your time with this, find another movie or do something productive like make something (crafts, Write or read! or just go back to work!)


The Giver– Pg-13 1 hr 34 minutes

A stuffy future society called ‘The Community’ that to me seems worse (& sounds creepier) than some post apocalyptic version doom & gloom version (frankly I swear it’s a futuristic ‘Stepford’ family instead of just the wife) The good thing about this future is no longer does disease, Pain or war exist, however the bad side is there’s no free will or individuality. There’s cmaeras everywhere including in your home! Jeff bridges stars as the Giver. There’s 5 rules to this society.

*Use precise language

Wear your assigned (!!) clothing

*Take your morning meds  (these are what keep the people compliant)

*Obey curfew &

*never lie


There are no memories of the past (other than those that Jeff Bridges harbors from his forebears) and there are no last names. Families I guess are arranged and children a born by mothers & given to families.  The Movie is mostly in Black and white which I think is pretty cool as it is used so little. I think it was used well in this case. An accent of color here or there shows up but as Jonah  comes to see more memories of the past, more color starts to show, though muted. oooh I didn’t know they were in this. A certain Bon Ton (true Blood) Vamp was in this!!! Also Katie Holmes and I’m sure the surprises won’t stop there. (I guess I really ignored the commercials when they were out but so far seems for the better and I really figured I’d check it out for my Awards show yes.. I have my own awards show!! The Avatar Awards so Stay tuned. They will happen a little later than previously Published! Instead of February 28th It may be the first week of march so stay tuned!  )    This seems like a more peaceful version of Divergent to me. By the end of the movie the colors are rich & vibrant. This was a nice change for once compared to the usual dark nasty landscapes of death . Oh wait the girl who plaid Rosemary was Taylor swift! As in the singer?  or are they 2 completely different people just with the same name? anyway … B



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