Telley Tuesday! Rolling with the T’s

Taylor Kitsch True Detective season 2

Kitsch Looking Bad-ass during shooting

True Detective & Taylor Kitsch  (sorry couldn’t help myself!

Finally! Today I heard that some images of True Detective season 2 are out (possibly leaked as well I thought I saw).

True Detective is a show on HBO I think it will be out in June (I know last I heard it was supposed to be a ‘summer’ premier)

Last year the first season (available here on Amazon) starred, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson‘s description of the show for the first season says “The Lives of 2 detectives become entangled after a 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana. Not sure what the basis for season 2 will be and i’m sorry to day, I did  not watch the first season (but then it did not look all that interesting to me.) I have been told by those who have, that likely you won’t need to have seen the first to watch the 2nd season. I’m guessing the series is going to be an anthology like American Horror Story.

In the new Season, the setting is in Los Angeles, California  and the cast is some current faves in their primes. Colin Farrel plays  Ray Velcoro, A crooked cop that’s become a wishbone for those he serves of the P.D. and the Mobster that owns him.   Taylor Kitsch is Highway patrol motorcycle officer  Paul Woodrugh a war vet and running from his past , & Rachel McAdams plays Ani Bezzerides a detective with the County Sheriff’s Department. As for Vince Vaughn do you think he can play the villain? he’s supposed to play a career criminal in this and  his partner is offed when Vaughn’s Frank Semyon, tries to go legit.

Apparently Kitsch hasn’t been working out much as he looks much ‘skinnier’ and muscular than he usually does.

There’s a pic or two that are different from the previous link


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