The Walking Dead Mid-season premier – Possible spoilers within

andrew-lincoln-says-rest of walking-dead-season is f-ing-nuts  So as far as the 1st episode as we get back from winter hiatus I thought I was going crazy watching it.  Scenes (like a still) of a prison tower, another of Woodbury and a photo/painting of a house show, I’m thinking what is going on. I will admit I was a bit comfused, and also had a ‘feeling’ about this episode. The basic breakdown:

‘For Beth’ they try to get Noah home to the ‘burbs’. The road trip to Atlanta was clear and when they get there, the gate (gated community) is up & apparently locked or boarded from the inside somehow. This could be good or bad.

While Rick, Michone, & Glen check around for supplies;  Tyreese stays back with Noah I’m sure you can imagine what happens next. I won’t give away the ‘Big Spoiler’ I don’t like people like that, but I will say brace yourself.

I wasn’t surprised, but then again it wasn’t Darryl crying at the end (like the previous episode) I swear the easiest way to get me to cry is to see ‘Guy Cry’. (perfect example.. When I was little (think whatever age you were in 5th grade or a year yohnger being I’m born in November) I saw my Dad crying, & didn’t know why & I started to cry & he & my Mom started to laugh cause I didn’t know what I was crying about. Hey It’s my DaD crying. I NEVER saw him Cry before so HELLO! WOuldn’t YOu? Obviosuly if it’s dad crying it’s bad am I right?)

The end of this I don’t get as I’ll just say Precautions were taken, but didn’t see the safety ‘net’ take effect or turn for the worse either so a bit confused.. anyone out there that reads the comics that would remember this part (if not made up by the show itself)


watch-norman-reedus-whip-himself and-give-tour-his-walking-dead-trailer



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