TV Thursdays – Sons of Liberty


I never liked history in school, but that could be because it was never on the parts of history or particular cultures I was interested in. (Egyptians, Vikings & the Norse  Greek & Norse Mythology etc) When the Tudors came out I was mad we didn’t have the Showtime channel. All I have to say is if there is any truth to the show of actual events, then why couldn’t we have had this while I was in school (not that they covered that) Now the History Channel has Vikings going into it’s 3rd season February 19th and it’s a great show. So what would History do with our founding fathers? Well I watched it in support for one of my favorite actors… Kevin Ryan who played Maguire on the BBC America show (of 2 seasons) Copper.

Sons of Liberty is a 6 hour mini-series starring Ben Barnes (yeah Prince  Caspian of the Narnia Movie)  as Samuel Adams and every time I hear the name I wanted to drink my beer (but my Octoberfest beer is reserved for the new season of Vikings!  I should have drank it during one 2 hour episodes. Kevin Ryan played a Red Coat John Pitcairn

 who played Neil on Once upon a Time and the red head’s husband Rene on True Blood & was in 2 episodes of The Walking Dead as Dave (when Hershel  & Rick are in that bar)

Marton Csokas as Britain’s General (is it just me or does this guy always play a D*Bag?) and Benjamin Franklin… played by ‘Big Jim’ Dean Norris from Under the Dome.  So there’s plenty of great actors

What about the show itself? I do remember learning about the Constitution & Preamble etc in school (but not in High School) I’m thinking it was more grade school. But if it were to have been high school, I would say to definitely show this mini series if you are working on the founding fathers.  Your students will likely not be bored. The action is great, and even  when there is none- they still won’t doze off!

Another Hit for the History Channel  * of Liberty


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