The sport interview – we ‘Talk about’ Cliches

Stephen Amell from the show Arrow actually posted the link below, and well I’m more of a hockey & Nascar girl myself (I do like to watch the superbowl.. maybe more for the commercials but last year & this year I have been right with who was getting in! & Right about the Seahawks winning last year. Anyway no matter what the sport, there’s always the cliche questions and the interviewer that just sounds like a moron.

Frankly instead of ‘Talk about’ to use proper grammar, it should really be said … “Could you tell us about….”  or  “What is your opinion on this”  Honestly there is nothing more annoying than repeating something and it doesn’t matter if it’s in a blog, movie etc.  I have a rule say for those who write songs or poetry, never repeat a word in a row more than 3. (Like a certain John Mayer song (I think it’s his) it makes me want to jump through the radio and beat some other words that may mean the same thing but at least it doesn’t sound like a broken record that’s stuck.

The same with movies or TV shows there’s some when they are looking for a friend they call their name like 3-5 times in each room and so on I don’t know about you but it gives me a headache, and even if it doesn’t it’s quite distracting. How you ask? Well If you here it, then the pause of them walking around (& say yo look down at something and start to read) that paue, then the call for the friend (my mothe does this. She takes long pauses and then asks another question or tells me something I already knew or just something that has nothing to do with us & frankly none of our business.

Anyway I think I may have gone off topic but I think You (might) understand what I mean. If they keep asking the same stupid questions some people may get annoyed and tune out (or at least try) and that is if they don’t completely change the channel


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