SciFridays: “The Babadook” (2014)

Rooster Illusion

Causeway FilmsCauseway Films

Baddie – The thing in your closet tho.

Lesson – Let it gooooo let it goooooo can’t hold it back any moreeee.

The Babadook is lauded as one of the best (maybe the best) horror movie in the last few years. It’s received tons of hype and positive reception in the last few months as it plods its way around limited releases and festivals. I had the opportunity to check it out at the Alamo Drafthouse, further cementing that particular Texas institution as one of the best things in San Antonio, bar none.

Essie Davis (!!!) plays Amelia, a single mother with a somewhat active child, Samuel. Amelia’s husband, Oscar, passed away via car crash while taking her to the hospital to have Samuel, and it becomes pretty clear that there’s a bit of resentment there. Not helping matters is creative six-year old Samuel, who is: scared of monsters, somewhat…

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