The Tuesday Zone: ‘WNUF Halloween Special’

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The Tuesday Zone

Just over two months ago, I reviewed the indie horror-comedy, Call Girl of Cthulhu, directed by Chris LaMartina and co-written with Jimmy George. I did not pull any punches, and I was, quite plainly, amazed with how much that movie did not sit with me. The review caught the attention of LaMartina, who kindly shared with me his previous film, WNUF Halloween Special (2013), suggesting that it might be more up my alley. To my delight, he was spot on.

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WNUF Halloween Special styles itself as a late ’80s news station’s Halloween special. I was amazed to learn that it was made less than two years ago; often, I found myself unconsciously moving my mouse to skip forward when the commercials started, only to remember that they’re a part of the film. I think this reflects the one positive quality I noted in Call Girl of Cthulhu, which is that…

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