Rant: Is anything on?

I understand why they take shows off the air around the holidays. It’s pretty much because most are visiting relatives and friends and they might not have a chance to watch it. Isn’t that what DVRs etc are used for though? Some shows I know it’s because they have not finished filming the season and that’s fine. With stunts etc depending on the show I’m sure they need their holiday rest.

However I ask, WHY can’t there be something than holiday specials on? Not everyone celebrates Christmas, and though I’m not Jewish frankly isn’t that the 2nd largest religious group? Where are all the Hanukkah specials? I did not hear of one being on during the week of celebration. Also what about songs as well? (however the music is for Audio Literacy but I will make a quick note)  Now it’s Kwanzaa (started 26th) what about specials for the people who celebrate that?


Christmas is based on the Pagan holiday of Yule (Ie: YULE Tide holidays) , where’s our specials, and especially music so much more relaxing & beautiful?

Hanukkah I know there’s at least the Dradle song , and the song by Adam Sandler. Are there any more?  What about Kwanzaa? How about putting some of those on the air. As well as Winter Solstice/Yule

And for those that are not religious at all (or just spiritual)  How about some original programming?

a week long mini series at least one for each station.

Then we have to wait sometimes as long as March (and if I remember right, a certain year that Prison Break was on, you had to wait til April)


Why don’t these execs realize that there are other new shows coming on and because their show is not on, will likely lose out to the new show with some?



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