Feel like Giving Up ? – Justin Bieber & the Hate Culture



It’s been a confusing month.

It’s been a confusing year.

These are very confusing times.

It was only a couple of years back when Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and more where just little rich kids running around Hollywood and I was chasing behind them (weird…) Now they do crazy different shit and people hate them. I mean, they truly hate them. Without even knowing them or even coming close to them, they despise them. Then we all act surprised when a celebrity kills themselves. It seems like celebrity culture will never evolved since it happens to all idols through the decades.


“Celebrities! They are just like US! They kill themselvesl!” I wish US magazine had an honest headline from time to time. And I do not mean to disrespect Robin Williams, I am a huge fan of most of his…

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