The Hobbit Review

Happy Solstice & Yule 

Holiday Greets… here’s a review of the Hobbit I saw on Friday, as well as entertainment news links. I am not sure if I will be able to post again this week due to the holidays, I have an appointment tomorrow & then hopefully come baking (sugar cookies!!! and make some red velvet cake pops on Christmas eve to bring to the family gathering, then on Christmas Day visit one side of the family & then Boxing day visit my Aunt that lives locally then maybe visit a family friend in Connecticut but  if it snows we likely won’t be able to go visit other than the local plans. While at my Aunt’s I will see if she’ll let me copy my pictures from my memory card to my thumb drive (plus on my ZodiacImmortal blog I can post whatever video I take of the new kittens she got.) 

So Happy Whatever you celebrate I’ll have a good holidays playing with my new fur cousins besides the 2 cats my aunt already has, and my Cousin’s 2 French bull dogs (my Fur nieces) and if we get to Connecticut they have cats there too! also will have to brave Walmart to see if they have the pj’s I saw in another that had a size that fit me, but I’d only get one wear out of as it would shrink in the wash, so wish me luck on finding what I have in mind. 

The Hobbit Review

Well ‘The Battle of five armies’ couldn’t have been a better title. I think that was most of the movie. I do however need a family tree for the elves & dwarves why because I want to know if Ironfoot (who has quite the hard head) is related to Gimli, or did Kili & Thuriel (sp?) explore their feelings for each other?   As for the last issue of Entertainment weekly I read with Stephen Colbert on it (did you know he was in the Desolation of Smaug with his wife & kids as a few citizens of Lake town?) They mention previous history mentioned in the Lord of the Rings films that i don’t remember being in the Hobbit, as well as history mentioned in the Hobbit that we don’t get to see (say a few tidbits about our fave Fair haired elf), why stop & 2 sets of movies, how about another set where we can explore that of which we don’t get to see. (also where are all the women dwarves?)

I think at least half the  2 1/2 hour film was the battle from various sides. I enjoyed it, and  don’t worry as you are not watching a cluster F**** of bodies just wailing on each other. There are some one on one fights and so on. I was quite amused at the ‘ice fight’ between Thorn & ugh what’s the name of the ork thing (?) with the missing arm.  There were at least 2 times I got a bit upset that I almost (or may have) shed a tear.  I still say something is off with the Legolas costume or make-up in this. Yes I know they probably made him look younger (if that was possible) but I’ll have to watch at least one of the LOTR movies to figure it out (Maybe the color of the contacts is wrong).  I haven’t read the books so I can’t make a comparison and frankly I think I’d rather wait, there have been some movies I’ve liked better than the book. I think the best book to movies series besides the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit (but remember I have not read, but I don’t hear much complaining either for those who have)  is Harry Potter. Thanks to the Return of the King I think I was left feeling empty being as there is just one ending not many here. It’s starts as one ends & ends as one starts! Which I think is pretty cool. I think another reason I might be a bit disappointed is aside from one or 2 shots, I didn’t get my wish of seeing Bard & Legolas side by side fighting. (Though we do get to see Luke Evans quite a bit. Would you believe for a time (when he wasn’t as known)  I thought he was Orlando Bloom. There were a few movies Luke was in that I thought it was Orly! One in which was 3 Musketeers which Orlando bloom plays a villian and Luke one of the Musketeers!)     A

OH my that Ork I can’t remember the name of is freaking Manu Bennett aka Deathstroke on Arrow!

The Hobbit stars  Out of Costume 




I certainly do not agree with this following link avatar-became-the-highest-grossing-film-of-all-time-while-leaving-no-pop-culture-footprint/. That is Full on B.S., & why you ask? Well think about the rash of 3-D that followed some of which (Like Clash of the titans) which were not originally filmed in 3-D but were adapted to play as 3-D & didn’t clash come out the same year of Avatar? Avatar’s Pop Culture  footprint is scene even without movies being in 3-D. There have been movies where  there’s a scene or maybe just a creature, or one of those flying machines & I’ll be like they’re ripping off Avatar.


latest-casting-news-zombie-spinoff-cobalt/ (great now I have to post these to netflix that already has 145 in the ‘Q’



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