Second Breakfast’s Mass Exodus

If I see this at all, it will only be because Joel Edgerton (or as I call him my Koala) is in it & as an Egyptian too cool, though I still giggle a bit when I see the eyeliner on him!

Rooster Illusion

SecondBreakfast-01A lot of critics hate Ridley Scott. A lot hate blockbusters. A lot hate religious movies. Some hate a combination of the three. What can I say? In the immortal words of President Thomas Jefferson, “Haters gonna hate.”

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

Scott Free ProductionsScott Free Productions

The Plot: Moses (Christian Bale) has lived his whole life as a prince of Egypt, cousin to Prince Ramses, later Pharaoh Ramses II (Joel Edgerton). His world comes crashing down when a Hebrew slave, Nun (Ben Kingsley), informs him that he was born Hebrew. Since not being Egyptian is basically like having leprosy, Ramses expels his lifelong friend from court, but refuses to execute him. Moses’ wanderings in exile eventually lead him have a vision of God (Isaac Andrews), who commands Moses to return to Egypt and free the 400,000 Hebrew slaves from the vicious tyranny of the pharaoh.

2014: the year of the…

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