2013 Year of the Book Series

disclaimer:   The posts, (or pages) for the 2013 Year of the Book series, & 2014’s Reading room were a couple of my lenses on squidoo, and they do not work well with the new site. I thought being as I am including 2015’s reading quest on this blog (& maybe my main blog Zodiacimmortal) I may as well bring you up to speed (and maybe help you find some interesting books to read.  I  have only copied & pasted into the posts for each  so if there are any no-no’s please let me know what they are first so that I might be able  to correct it. 

In the 2015 I may or may not include my Rules, and the quest etc. I might include it in my Book Nook  instead which will include some resources. Just because I prefer print doesn’t mean I can’t include  reading on here, as it is also a form of entertainment. I will post this part of my 2013 challenge now and then the 2nd part of this one and then the 2014 in coming weeks. I will post the first book I will read on the 2015 quest either a day or 2 before or on new year’s day.

2013 – Year of the book series

My Quest for book space.

I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions; but this year with my to-read shelf overflowing, having a box of books, plus a bigreusable shopping bag over flowing with books, I decided The idea is finish in 7 days or less

#1–my reading would consist of reading only book series (or books I have from a series).

So I decided to make it somewhat of a resolution.

#2– he 2nd part of this I’m not sure I can keep (up), is to try to read a book a week to no more than 2 weeks.

(however, this of course depends on the length of the book, for a basis books with multiple stories will be at least one week per story to finish.) If I finish a book ahead of schedule (for instance: if I read a book in less than 7 days, the number of days I finsihed ahead of time is a ‘Banked’ day or extra day.) I will most likely note an estimated deadline for when I want to finish a book I think might take longer than a week.

The ONLY way I can read a book that’s not in a series is

A — If I finish individual books (or full series) ahead of schedule (Ie: The Broken Heart Oklahoma books should not take me longer than a week each to read. (I read the first 4 books between January 1st – 16. At the time I was on the 4th & 7 or 8 days ahead of schedule on the series itself (let alone the quest).

B– Redeeming those ‘banked’ days I’m ahead.

I hope The Explaination in The Book Worm section will explain more

C–If I am between finishing 1 series and going to another. If I know a book is part of a series, then I may just read the one lone book I have to whatever series it is apart of. *Note if it IS part of a series, I do NOT have to deduct the ‘banked’ days for reading it (its ONLY if its a NON series book I have to deduct the days)

D– I have a book a friend lent me they thought I’d like as well as one I want to read to give to them so they can take their time in reading it. So these 2 books (at least one of them) I will read in the time I made up.

#3– 3rd part which I’ve tried to stick to & I have some what sort of been good (unless I could get them for free or super cheap at Thrift stores) is for every 5 books I read, then I may buy a new one (unless of course its a book in one of the series I regularly (or try to) read. Like The Otherworld Series by Yasmine Galenorn.

ATTENTION I had no choice but to break this lens down to a few seperate pages, this will  be the main one but there’s 2 other pages 2013 YOTBS Page 2 and  Page 3 which will be in another post

2013 Year of the Book Seires by Kim Marie Ostrowski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://www.squidoo.com/2013-year-of-the-book-series.This Lens is an on going work in Progress (as I Read the books), and will not be fully complete until the projected date of December 31st 2013 when I hope I will finish the last book . (unless of course I beat my deadline to read all the books in a series I have before that!)

2013 Year of the Book series – Reviews Book

The Year of the Books series is now a ‘book’.

Just for a taste of the first few and a couple other series I have noted what page the review appears on. hope you enjoy

  1. Broken Heart, Oklahoma series
  2. Night World series 3 fat books each WITH 3 stories in it (PAGE 2)
  3. C.S. Lewis sci-fi space trilogy
  4. Tales of Beedle the Bard- J.K. Rowling
  5. Haunted Moon by Yasmine Galenorn book #13 of the OtherWorld series(the pretty much the only series I regularly read(page 2)
  6. Autumn Whispers-Yasmine Galenorn (in Fall) (page 3)Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld (check it out for an EXCLUSIVE interview)
  7. Playing With Fire- Katie MacAlister (page 2)
  8. Last Dragon Standing G.A. Aiken
  9. Knights of the Blood-Katherine Kurtz and Scott MacMillan Page 2
  10. Necroscope Series by Brian Lumley (the first 3)(PAGE 2)
  11. Dark Gold & Dark Nights Christian Feehan page 3
  12. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Immortal by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder (page 2)
  13. by Chrstopher Moore (page 3)
  14. Real Vampires Have Curves & Real Vampires Don’t Wear size six.(page 3)
  15. Viking Heat by Sandra hill page 3
  16. Who’s kitten Who by Cynthia Baxter (page 2)
  17. Before I wake Steven Spurhill (page 2)
  18. Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon (page 2)
  19. L.J. Smith Dark Visions (Page 2)

Reading Journals – & prompts

I was looking for prompts to help myself (hopefully) write abetter review for the books, plus I thought they might be useful to those of you that keep a reading journal weather you liked the book or not. This way you have somewhat of an outline or just pick & choose. They are a great Idea for use in book reports, and there are some genere specific as well. .

I have an assortment here for both adults and children.

From these you can even make a book mark like those from knockKnock (I’ve pieced together a couple of mine to make my own personal book notes marker)

The Basics




Date Started: ~ Date finished or x- didn’t finish

(Following Ideas are from BB from FB group What are you reading now

~~ write a brief description.

~~Have you read this author before?

~~Is this author new to you?

~~Would you recommend this book to others?

Rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Reading Reason: Pleasure prove something School project

Pleaurable or Shameful

Chapter/Pages/paragaph or line Remember this

Sentence Starters

* I love the Way…..

* I wish that…..

*It Seems like….

*I wonder….

*I can’t belive…

* I Dislike…..

*If I were…..

Note important words from the Story under:

People Animals Places & Things

Vocabulary not familiar with Words to look up

Ideas to discuss or conversation topics to strike up

________(character) reminds me of _______(who) because (this can be another character from any other work of fiction be it Novel, play, or film.)

I am puzzled by or wonder about___________________

The title of this chapter (if any as its usually rare) is perfect because_________

Questions: while reading & After reading

(were any of the questioing while you were reading answered before you finsihed?)

Would you read the rest of the series

would you read more books by this author

Favorite Quotes or lines from the book

What I did & didn’t like

General Story

Characters Main & minor (antagonist & protagonist)

setting (Time Place, social or historical background)







Main Problem Mystery at the heart of the story

who are YOUR Suspects (& list the rest from book as well)

some of the clues that helped


Solution /How was mystery solved?

were you able to figure things out before they were solved in the book?

were you surprised by what or who it was that did it?

Conflict List

Character vs. Character

Character vs. Society

Character vs. Self

Character Vs. Enviornment

Write a different ending to the story or a part you did not like

Author tools




Hyperbole (exageration)

Flat or round

Well Rounded Characters Are described in how they look, how they act, what they say & what they think as well as what other charactes think about them

story Questions

Who what where when why How

Thoughts on the beginning chapters & main characters

Why are you so involved (or not) in the reading

What about the story drew you in?

Like most & least about the story & about main character

Message or the theme of the story

Sadest & funniest event in the story

Character I admire & why

Character I least like & why


Are the characters reaslistic (as if you might meet them on the street) & why

could the story be realistic (like if its a mystery novel)

Character Comparison to you or another character of fiction (Novel, Play film, short story)

NOTe Similarities and differences of the character and yourself or the other.

Which do you admire more.

Considering what you discovered , what is your reaction to the character now and how do you think they’d feel abotu you?


How they behave, their values & behaviors

would you disagree with this character when they act in this way.

What is wrong with it and what would be more preferable response/bahvior or value to you?

If you keep a sheet of paper with some of this info on it

a good idea of note would be along with the basics to include a the date you are reading & from what pages you started & finished reading that day

Is there something that was mentioned in the book, that you would have liked the author to elaborate on more?

A scene at the end maybe (see my Who’s Kitten Who review as an example)

Informational Books

What type of information is this book about

write down some intersting facts you learned

Biography or Autobiography

Which on it is

Family History Date & Place of Birth Family: Mother, Father & siblings (names)

Life Events Early Life Schooling College Adult Life

Death & Beyond Death date & Place of death casue of death How peoplet felt about this person at time of death

Did you know… Information Interesting facts & trivia (favorites for instance, accolades , Hobbies & interests Quotes etc)

(check out ULTIMATE! book Report outline for more ideas to include in the journal as well as if you have to write a book Report

You can also use Book Recommendation cards to jot down the info & include in your journal.

Here’s a journaling workbook for the kids

THE Book Worm

Time to start Munchin

Here is where I shall keep you up to date on

my Progress

(even though it’s noted with the books, I will use this part as a summary of the current progression of my Mission)

I have a few Reading Rules

1.-You need the first 5-10 Chapters (or 50 pages) to know if you can stick with a book.

(sadly though what do you do when that 10 chapters ends up being the middle of the book, esp. with what to you is the worst to read?) I ended up starting another book & just read the bad book until I couldn’t stand it anymore, & would switch to the other.

2. NEVER Quit on a book

I really HATE to not finish a book no matter how much I dislike it (see Reading rule #1) but sometimes like the afformentioned it is torture to read and therefore the reason I started Rule #1.

(its just the fighting with myself I have to work out before I actually do)

3. Vere away from your Norm! You will never know when you wil find a treasure!

No matter what your fave genre, always through something different in there. Do you normally read romance? Throw in a crime thriller, or horror. Normally read vampire stuff, throw in some werewolves. I found a few favorites this way! a Couple of Crime/mysteries

Called Lethal Legacy,

Flaw in the Blood

Murder on the Prowl &


book My mother & a friend do not usually read vampire books, but there was one I reacently read I LOVED see broken heart series) they read the first book!)

As you may have already read above, I want to make sure I read (depending on the size of the book) at least 1 a week; for instance paperbacks up to 300 pages should take no longer than a week, as in 7 days (or less); past that may take up to 2 weeks.

Which for example means the Broken Heart series I estimated should have taken me no longer than the first or 2nd week of February to finish. Well I was right in that estimation, finished the 7 books of the series I had on the 4th of february)

The progress I show here is for the one I Just Finished -Dark Visions I am reading, and is temporary until I start each new book=Dark Nights: 2 stories & am on the 2nd titles Dark Dream

Sadly I lost track of the estimates so I’m just going to go with keeping up on the “finish in 7 days” rule for the quest. For the the fatter books (as some of them are Multiple books in 1 volume) ‘as long as I finish each story within a week’ or less) You might also want to come back every few days or week as I usually write my review as I read the book & sometimes note something after (even when I’m on a new book)

Check out the current Banked Days stats

Extra Days ‘Prize’ Redemptions

1– reading a non-series type book, (-1 day for each it takes to read)

2– just take a break from reading (-1 per day)

3–add the extra days to finishing those bigger books

–(that might take longer than a week or 2) -1 day for each

4– Buying a new book before finishing another 5 (must pay with 3 days)

~~ #books read so far (see bankd days link above) reward myself with the purchase of 2 new books!

5– Cash in up to 3 as PENALTY for not finishing (for whatever reason I won’t be finsihing a book or series)

Total Days Left= 21 (as of Aug 6)

I don’t actually wear glasses a friend & I were joking around & we thought they looked good on me.


(n.) from a mixture of the

Greek biblio & the latin bibulous (from bibere meaning to drink)

1. “one who reads too much” Or

2. loosesly drunk on books

the term was coined by H.L. Mencken in 1957

source 1 * Source 2

Library Pool – ‘bet’ on it

How many books do you thik I’ll read this year?

  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • OVER 100 ? (how many?)

See results without voting


To do the same quest. (or something Similar) & YOU HAVE to make a lens on it (if you are a squid lensmaster)

Challenge the kids to read at least 1 book per month (aside from school), for a special treat they want

Use a theme

Book series only


a certain author’s books etc


Broken Heart, Ok Series

Broken Heart, OK Official site &http://www.michelebardsley.com/

I‘m the Vampire, That’s why

Started: January 1st – Finished: January 6th

Even if you are not one for vampire stories, this book will at least have you cracking up weather you are a mom or not.

On another side… the character Jessica I swear has got to be my long lost twin (sounds like stuff I’d think or say of what comes out of her mouth!)

As I was reading one night I had to slap my hand over my mouth a few times not to laugh so i wouldn’t laugh so loud to wake up the other residents of the house. Another cool part of this book, you learn Gaelic & some German words & phrases. Don’t worry there’s a glossary in the back. The Vampire Patrick & His Brother Lorcan (which is werewolf now) are Irish and the legendary Brigid is also among the Vampires.

What does one do when they are a mother & they are turned to live for eternity knowing eventually you’re kids will die before you, not to mention that what’s left of your small town has been being bought out by these vampires & parapersons (without you knowing it) to make a safe community for themselves. Everyone’s lives get turned upside down having to turn the town into a night community, including school for the kids.

having Finished the book, I think this is my 2nd favorite series. (so far my Yasmine Galenorn series is still #1) but Michele Bardsley is definitely another favorite author now.!

This is my friend Jane from England’s blurb on the book :

This is the first in the Broken Heart series by Michelle Bardsley. For once, our heroine is not mere mortal or vampire hunter, although she does start out as human, but is attacked in the very first chapter while putting the bins out! Subsequently, she is ‘turned’ so becoming one of the ‘undead’.

This is real chick lit with supernatural characters It’s fun and quirky and very easy to read. You don’t need to think about what is going on.

So, if you are into a supernatural chick lit, with some great humour, I thoroughly recommend this book.

I for one can’t wait to read the next Broken Heart series. Thanks to my friend Kim for introducing me to this series.

Don’t Talk back to your Vampire

started January 6 – Finished January 9 (5 days ahead of schedule)

This book is about Eve, a friend of Jessica’s and mother to Tamara. Her & her daughter may remind you a bit of Rory & Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. They seem to have their own language but, they just use a word of the day chart, and are from a family of librarians.

While this book I was surprisingly able to finish faster than the first, (probably because the other one with Jessica’s sword for a tongue had me laughing ever other page) I wasn’t as keen on. I missed Jessica! Not to knock the characters in this book but, they just weren’t as fun as Jessica. They were still funny and witty in their own way. This takes place I think it was 3 months after I’m the vampire that’s why. The Consortium is still razing buildings & erecting new state of the art new ones. Eva LeRoy has a very rare vampire power that only she & one other vampire share. Not to mention that the turn-bloods powers are moving along at a faster pace than usual. Eva has some ‘Snow White’ or Cinderella effect on the animals, they for some reason drawn to her. Meanwhile someone is running around Broken Heart without the consortium’s knowledge, however a Roma (lycans that can only turn during the full moon as well as Vampire Slayer) is on the hunt for this ‘unseen’ force. Someone is infecting the vampire population on purpose with the ‘taint’ (the ONLY way a vampire can get sick. Usually they end up crazy then death

Becaue Your Vampire Said so

started: January 9th – Finished January 13

(I’d say I’m doing good! 3 books within 2 weeks!) In the 3rd book we meet turn-blood Patsy who is the towns beautician and has a rare vampire gift (depending on your Point of View) basically she’s a Ghost Whisperer! She also has a teen son Wilson who’s into drugs and such and already seemed to have joined the dark side without becoming dead. Like Jessica and Eva, Patsy’s soul mate finds her, and they just happen to be part of a prophecy (don’t worry I won’t ruin it) In this we learn how each of the ancients were turned and what the family power is. We have a battle between two sides, as one of the ancients has turned droch fola (bad vampire).

Before I forget, I think I will add here that (in case I have not yet mentioned) another reason I like the series so far. You get to learn another language (or 2 even if its only a few words an phrases) plus some rare words most of your friends and family probably do not know! (know someone from Harvard or other Ivy league school? Test this one out on them! Panjandrum (it means self important person of rank someone especially an official who is pompous or pretentious. )

Wait Until your vampire gets home (Currently reading)

As I read this I think I’m burning myself out with the reading; as for the book…

A family of paranormal investigators having heard rumors about the town, show up, and the daughter ends up in the cemetery watching someone planting some flowers. Then all undead rotting corpses break loose, then the big scaly grill comes blasting through. I think this is my 2nd favorite book of the series, Vampires + Dragons= ? Wouldn’t that equal snake? (I mean the fangs + the scales.. lol mmm) what will happen when paranormal researchers come to town? How does a vamp dad take care of twin boys, and how to we get some of these cool sounding gadgets? I think one might be a bit more tame compared to the others but we find out what happens to a nasty ancient! This was another book with great flow to it, an interesting look into some dragon myths and so on.

My progress of the series

Start/ Finished January 1st – February 4th (of the books I had)

1-7 ~ Book 1 ~ 1 day

8-14 ~ book 2 ~ 4

15-21~Book 3~ 2

22-28~ book 4 ~ 4

29- Feb 3 ~book 5 -1 day

feb 4-10 ~ book 6 ~ 0 days (started 23 finished 29th)

feb 11- 17 ~Book 7~0 days started 29th – February 4th

“The Night I died, I was wrestling a garbage can to the curb..”

Banked Days= 12

Broken Heart books 5-7

Over my Dead body

Started January 17- 22

(I fell behind reading this as I was not feeling myself, but still came from behind to finish a day ahead)

This is Simone Sweet’s story. The Mechanic of Broken Heart, is not what she seems. Most don’t think she has an angry bone in her body, & they’re wrong (She just quells it better). She had an abusive husband, that she finally escaped… and now against her better judgment getting the warm fuzzies for Brady. She has a daughter who has not spoken since the night they escaped. The town is getting ready for a big festival to usher in and make official among the lycans, Patsy as Queen. For this, the town is trying to install an invisi-sheild, with thanks to Brady having nabbed some tech from his previous job for the technology for it. There’s something unknowingly lurking around town. Simone has seen a man in a black suit in the woods, then there’s Rainer who gives her the creeps as well. .

Come Hell or High Water

Started Jan 23 – 29th

In the 6th book we meet Pheobe who has a 4 year old son, Danny, who is away with his human dad. She has the power to summon demonkin and send them back as well. Phoebe has to get some sort of talisman for her new demon bedmate Connor, to keep Lilith (yes THAT Lilith) who is his step-mother and other demons from storming Broken heart.

This is my least favorite of the series. We have spent most of our time in hell (literally) with Pheebs & her Demon husband who tricked her in to marrying him. (She didn’t know he was part demon). For me It’s also been a bit of a bore compared to the previous stories of the series. Besides that there were a few typos that messed me up reading & parts that {maybe I just missed something (& hope it was just me) } seemed like parts of the story were missing. I don’t think it was to hide anything like lost would. You would just read from one Paragraph about say Jessica & Patrick then all of a sudden a character seemed to be talking to someone else that doesn’t get mentioned later in the paragraph. Or the scene suddenly changes like a bad script & editing job in a movie.

Cross Your Heart

Started january 29th – Finished February 4

Meet Elizabeth Bretton, the undead heiress of the Silverstone estate. She has a vengeful ghost seemingly out to kill her, and a 150 year old mystery to solve. Enter the homicide detective were-jaguar ‘Tez’; short for Tezozomoc, who she describes as egotistical, presumptuous vulgar & rediculously hot. Queen Patsy & mate Gabriel are making renovations to the Silverstone estate; & come across a dark forboding force. Is this force the same thing that’s haunting Elizabeth, o ris it something else altogether?

So far this one is better than the last book. This one is more entertaining and flows more smoothly.

Apparently it seems as though all the 5 founding families of Broken Heart, have burried something very bad. Could it be something to do with the curse? Ellie Bee or Princess as Tez calls her & Tez travel to her family home to rummage through her great grandfather (or was it uncle)’s things. She is sure there has to be something among his belonging to help them out. While ‘Ellie’ is juggling this with Tez.. he came (invited) to Broken Heart originally to checkout the were cat pride as their Alpha was dying. He tries to avoid Tawny one of the wear cats & The Alpha’s #1 is flirting with Tez and he want’s nothing of her tawdry self.

This was a cool Scooby & the gang kinda mystery (& I note that purposely.. if you read it you’ll get why)

Series information

There are at least 2 more books in the series

Tales of Beedle the Bard – J.K. Rowling

I couldn’t remember if I finished reading it, so I jsut re-read it again as I figured it wouldn’t take long & and didn’t only 2 days.

I read it being as I’m a bit stalled being I finished the other series so quick and need to get to the book store to get my copy of Haunted Moon.

Look as though I may have to start on the next series before I get that book.

Also it may snow enough that I might have to cancle my appointment this Friday (8th), but we shall see what happenes between tonight and Friday morning.

Banked 5 days

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition (Harry Potter)
The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition (Harry Potter)

The Tales of Beedle the Bard are not your regular fairy tales so muggles beware!

Unlike your Grimm fairy tales which have been made sacrine by Disney, some of these may just knock even the Brothers’ Grimm over the head.

Professor Dumbledore includes footnotes analyizing the stories.

I think my favorite is of the warlock who swore off love, as well as the one of the 3 brothers and the Deathly Hallows.

a “Celebrated space trilogy’ – by C.S. Lewis

I can’t seem to find a name for the Trilogy, so I just noted what it said on the covers. I have no idea how long I’ve had these, but it must be a bit as I cannot recall where or how I procured them. I’m sure I bought them just because of the author’s name as well as the first is as least older than me,(they are from 1974, 1978 & ‘1979) plus I liked the cover of the 2nd book.

These may be diffcult to read, only because the first one at least the glue on the spine dried up and the cover & some pages are pulling away. Ok Trying to read the first book and if it were not fo rthe darn thing being in the shape it is, I would have probably been finished with it already.

I’m not much for purely sci-fi books but I’ve read a couple here & there.

Book #1 Out of the Silent Planet started Feb 9-17 it may say ‘beloved’ on the cover but so far over 3/4 of the way through & the writing does not flow. I can imagine the writer reading it in some monodrome tone and aside from the adventure of it (& the will & drive) to get through it (& the other 2 books) I would have probably stopped reading it long ago! So I may end up having to use one of my banked days to finish. Edit that.. make that used 3 days, Part of this could be the condition of the book that took me so long to finish it as even as I ead it the middl eof the book would fall out, another page would come away from the spine, and even more of the outside of the spine would disintegrate. I’m hoping Paralandra the 2nd book will be easier as well as NOT falling apart

annoyed because the pages keep falling apart between my fingers & I should have been able to finish this within 3 days.

Not sure what to make of the story…but I had to use some of the extra days. SO with that.. in short was not happy with the writing and I’m not really into Sci-fi I don’t mind the occassional one. This one was for be quite hum drum. I like details and such but this was just headache inducing as trying to (in a round about way) exlain things from our world to those of another. This one I give a D+ as I could almost see in my mind the Landscape of the other planet.

Book #2 Paralandra started Februray 19 Feb 23rd… (Incomplete) Did not finish..’peanlized’ myself by cashing in 3 of the banked days & will not read Book #3 of the Trilogy “That Hisdeous strength. It wasn’t just the first book falling apart. It was the writing of the book, it may be well detailed to paint a picture in your mind of being on the planet and such but for me if a book of this size (just a bit over 200 pages.. while the first was 100+) should not take me longer to read than 7 days. Being I had to use 3 days to finish the first.. that shoudl not have happened. For me reading this second book was one of those teddious chores that you half ass the job and rush through. I’m not sure weather I was doing this on purpose or not but I noticed I would skip over parts or re-read others when I took a break. For me the writing just does not flow as I’d like for me to be able to read it. I think any insomniac however by my point of view would love the trilogy as I think after reading about 5 pages I’d have to take a break myself this would probably put them to sleep. I’m sad to give up on reading it as I do not like quitting, as well as it was a good story.

One good thing that came out of the first book at least… it inspired me to write a poem! (I was hoping soemthing in these other 2 would get me 2nd & 3rd stanzas to the poem but I just can’t do it (unless I read the last half of the 2nd along with reading anothe book as I’ve done before but defeats the purpose of having a 7 day deadline to finish each book etc.

My apologies I was not able to find a cover the same as the 3rd book, but I also included 2 options for buying the set together. (Check the used versions they’re cheaper)

Learn more on C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis bibliography

Series Notes

Out of the Silent started Fabruary 9 Ended 17

used 3 of the banked days to finish reading between the book falling apart & the writing didn’t flow to me.

More like Allergic to my own mind

More like Allergic to my own mind
More like Allergic to my own mind

Recommend a book

March of Dimes Reading Olympics – OH MY GODS! I cannot belive I found one of these on ebay.

I did a search for the reading Olympics I participated in inmy younger grammar school years. (somewhere along from 2nd to grade 4) I came upon this and see how much they wanted for one I was floored! OF course this is really only here for show.

The ribbon part on mine, looks alot less dirty and raggedy. (but then I’ve had it hanging on my hutch in my bedroom since I won it.) I won the gold medal in the Reading Olympics and the only book I can remember reading for it was a shazaam book!

I wish they had given us a patch or button as well to put on our book bags or something for participation at least. (If they did I would still have it)

When i post, I’ll have to see if I have some sort of picture of it instead

Banked tracker (Long)

Total Banked start= 21

Dark Visions: The Dark Power +2

The possession +1

The Passion +3

Dark Gold -2

Dark Nights= -1

Current # Banked (as of 7/21)= 25

Books Read=22

#books earned= 4

Rewarded -2

my ULTIMATE Book Report

Need help with writing your bookreport? Here I have a format (outline) to follow & organize your notes for a book report? Just copy & paste the info you need into a word (or other word prossessor) file.

You can use one of the print-outs on here or you can see if there’s anything you can use on my Creative Writing 101 page.

From here down to the first dotted line, is required General information for Book Reports, after that anything else that says general should be in your report. There’s also sections you can use for different types of book reports based on the type you read, like Mystery, Fiction, non fict etc.(I may include those in a seperate section or 2 as sineif the information is best included as a grid. If there’s anything oyou have to include on a report that is not here, please let me know so I may include it.

Book Title_______________________________ by Author________________________

Publisher _________________________ Illustrator/Photographer _________________

Copyright date_________________ Number of Pages __________

Length of Time read Start date _______ Finished________

Type of Literature (Genre):

o Non-Fiction

[]Biography (autobio) [] Sports [] History []How-to []Informational/essay

o Fiction

[]Realistic Fiction [] Poetry []Historical []Fantasy []Sci-Fi []Horror [] Mystery / Crime

[] Folk Tales/Mythology []Romance []Thriller []Action/Adventure []Western {}Other______

General Overview of the Topic

In any report you should introduce the report and your book, describe the setting and time as well as the characterizations of the Antagonist and protagonist. Summarize the plot, and what conflicts internal or external in the plot, indicate the theme (what lesson was learned by the characters) of the story and the conclusion including whether or not you would recommend the book.

Does the Book have []Photos []illustrations []Both

WHO- Main Characters (& favorite)


Setting- Where_______________________

When (story Dates) ______________________ ___________________________

Era- Bronze Age, Ming Dynasty, Renissace World War 2 etc) _______________________________________

did the story take place___________________________________



Tone & Style

Point of View- First person or omniscient

Did the beginning grab you? (as in chapters 1-5)

Favorite Part of book _____________________________________________________

Book Evaluation (Like-loved) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Would you recommend to a friend? Yes No

Please explain Why or Why not? (at least a 5 line paragraph)

NEW Vocabulary- 3-5 words from book &define (esp. use those you had to look up)


Non-Fiction Topic _________________________________________

Summary of the Book – (Beginning middle & end)

5 Facts about the topic you found interesting

5-10 important or interesting pieces of information in SEQUENTIAL (or logical) order

Why (Person Place or thing) is of interest to you

Write down Page number & describe two illustrations/photos from the book

1. Pages { } Description___________________

2. Pages { } Description___________________

Show 3-5 Non-fictional text features in the book and explain how they helped to enhance your understanding.

You can make up slides consisting of Pictures and captions, graphs and diagrams


What were the main plot points

Main Conflict & Resolution

Story symbolism/message (lesson or central idea) –

Blurb- explains story without giving much away (found on back of the book or in book jacket)


Character Names Description & personality traits

Main Character

Minor Character

Suspect #1

Suspect #2

Main Problem (mystery in the story)

Secondary problem (if any)

Important Events

CLUES Discovered by Suspects






What were some of the clues to help solve the mystery & How was the mystery solved?

Were you surprised who did it?

Red Herrings? (distractions for person trying to solve mystery)

note to teachers or homeschooling parents(for grade school age you can use file folders have them include their name on the tab of the folder, on the outside cover a Case file # Title & Author of book Decorations & illustrations. Outside back cover your ‘detective agency & a logo Inside left of folder should be the report. Stapled or glued to the inside left cover. On the inside right folder staple or glue an ‘evidence bag’ with the artifact or inside

Informational Book

Why did you select this book

What type of information is this book about?

What was the purpose of the Author writing this book.

Give 3-5 examples from the book to show you knowledge of the content

Choose 5 of the most exciting Interesting or exiting chapters or events in this book.

Describe event #1 (in detail)

I found this chapter or event interesting because

Did you find the book interesting?

Write some interesting facts you learned


Subject’s (full) name- (& Include a picture of the person)

Early Life

Date & Place of Birth

Family- Mother Father & ##Siblings + Names

Life Events- Early Life


Public Life

Adult life

Important Events (note at least 2)

Death date/Place & cause

How people felt about person at time of death.



Personal information & Interesting Facts & Trivia

Date Page Number Important information Questions I have


Date Page Number Important information Questions I have

In my Opinion

Why were they important

how is it the world different because the person lived?

The most interesting things about this person

3 adjectives that describe this person

Ending & Timelines

General End (all reports)

List 5 (or more) new or interesting words from the book & their definitions

{} Didn’t like {} {}Liked {} {} Really like & Recommend

*Important Reference sources & pages

it is also a good idea to include a

Timeline (best used for Biographies, Historyreports & mystery/crime novels )

You can make a ‘BOX’ line or a ‘string’ line timeline. (Here are a couple of examples of what I mean)

Sample of Box line ~*~ Sample of a ‘String’ timeline

Here are samples of a few Types I can think of. (the first 2 are generators)

Horizontal 6 event ~*~ Vertical p to 9 events ~*~ Bubble Line ~*~

~*~ Vertical Line timeline ~*~ Display/Photo timeline ~*~ Graph Timeline ~*~Timeline ‘Tree’ ~*~

Pathway or gameboard timeline

I think that last one makes it all the different types I can think of in ways to do it. So pick one you like the way it looks best (or maybe you can make a hybrid of 2 or 3.) Good luck

just remember if you think of another way, use that being creative is the best way to get those A’s for Awesome!

Fun Book Report projects & reading resources for children

Informational Text features

(Disclaimer: Image from my print shop’s clipart gallery)


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