james bond Teaser Poster & an ‘It’ remake



2 responses to “james bond Teaser Poster & an ‘It’ remake

    • I’m not a fan of the Daniel Craig ones. I think the pierce Bronson ones are better (I think I have to see the bonds before him tho.)
      Craig isn’t the Suave Debonair Bond and I think that’s why the movies (of course because of the cool gadgets, world travel and action) were so big.
      I know they said they wanted to go with one grittier but then they did pass up on Henry Cavill which could have been all that. Frankly I think they need to go a bit younger to bring in those that are younger than myself, & that like me may have had no interest in it before. IF they don’t use a younger actor, then why not have a Bond franchise when he first became bond? That way those that grew up with Bond are still happy and those of us who can’t stand the new ones (as I’ve seen 2 and was quite disappointed.


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