Why I Avoid Movie Trailers

I need to learn to avoid trailers (or at least those like the Man Of Steel type. Where there’s about 3-5 different ones and show the entire movie (or like with Man of Steel the first half of the movie. Another thing those who make the trailers need to learn NOT to put the best part of the entire movie in it. (Like  The Neighbors with the airbag gag) The commercial was overplayed, yes still funny when watching the movie but sadly not magical.

I have learned (thanks to Thor and how excited I was to learn Chris Hemsworth would play my God) I try not to get too hyped up for a movie. I’ll watch a comic-con premier and then try my best to wait when they start showing them during commercial breaks.

Pixelated Lifestyle

Am I the only person who actively avoids movie trailers?

Between talk shows, leaked production photos, and endless social media advertising, it is getting increasingly difficult to see a new movie these days without already knowing virtually everything about it. One of the biggest issues for me are movie trailers that, intent on making sure you know exactly what you’re paying for, give the entire film away. As a viewer it often feels very patronising, like the production company is spoon feeding you the plot.

Even when I am looking forward to a movie, in fact especially when I am looking forward to a movie, I will do whatever I can to avoid seeing its trailer. If I know I am going to see a movie, I don’t want to encounter anything that will spoil it for me. If I accidentally stumble into a room where it is playing I will…

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