Holiday Entertainment


Whether you are entertaining or trying to escape the insanity, you may find yourself  having to set up a home theater.

once that is done, put on a tv series (for back ground fodder) so that those who haven’t seen it can watch (being as nothing else is on tv right now but reruns

©Entertainment Weekly November 28, 2014 #1339

Set up a Home theater & clean up your music ©Entertainment Weekly November 28, 2014 #1339


When and if no one has holiday specials or kids shows on, you’ll need to play D.J. as well…of course while you are finishing up the final touches of the meal. I  guess digital players in that case, are good for something.

As for your playlist: if you are going to play holiday songs, even after (in some places) 2 months of hearing Christmas songs in stores, salons and so on. Please (begging) include regular music in between the holiday songs.  Also don’t play just your favorite type of music (especially when it comes to the holiday songs) it’s boring and just drones on and gets annoying. Keep people on their toes and wonder what sort of music will be next. This will satisfy everyone’s tastes. use the rock version of Jungle Bells (I’m so over every holiday song having to do with Christmas in every variation, but the Jingle Rock is my favorite! add music from other holidays to your list (like Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song.)


With that Home theater and any other technology, it creates a ‘snake pit’ even Indiana Jones wouldn’t go near. Reign in Medusa’s locks.


©Entertainment Weekly #1339 To see some of the items, the picture below will help with some.


1. Color code wires

I prefer  twisting some colored electrical or ducts tape around them. Some at the end of the chord (near the plug itself) as well as some near the item it belongs to as well as a bit int he middle. for example, Blue- for the blu-ray (yes I did that on purpose best way to code it) Speakers Green, & Red for the Tv.


2. Secure wires together

Up-cycle a paper towel tube or some other item that is ‘tube’ like even if it’s a hollowed out box. String the wires through, to make it look like one fat chord.





Disclaimer: the images posted are scans from an issue of Entertainment  Weekly. The images are what gave me the inspiration for the post as well as I thought they would be helpful for my readers, and their friends and family. I only take the credit for scanning them, the post idea and the text as those are my own ideas and advice.



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