Scariest Films of All Time!

The Nerd Nebula

Oh, the horror! Halloween is less than two weeks away! There’s no better way to celebrate a spooky holiday than with scary films! Here is a list of what we consider to be the scariest films of all time:

5th: The Thing:

I’m proud to say that i watched this film from start to finish (the remake). The reason this film scared me was that The Thing morphed into a human’s body; so you never knew who to trust (imagine that as a real life scenario). The only way to tell who is human and not an alien vector, is by looking to see who has fillings/metal on their body. Humans have metal; when the alien parasite grapples with a human host; it discards all metal. I have no fillings; so you’d probably consider me to be infected. Please let me know if the original was scarier than the remake:

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