Universal reboots

This is only one persons opinion on the reboot  http://ihorror.com/rebooted-universal-monster-movies-wont-horror-films/

Frankly I never saw the classic movies as horror (too dated maybe) but then again mom told me when I was still an infant they went to a haunted house and Frankenstein said “Leeeave the Chiiild”

Well here I would have said with that Ol’ Frankie Baptised me but mom said It was already done in the church. Oh well I guess Frankie was a baptism to the creatures of the night!

I enjoyed Dracula untold, the action was cool and well as the ihorror author said sadly they will make the reboot as action thrillers. I am not disappointed in it, but maybe I’m just happy that Universal is actually going to make new movies, as long as it’s my fave genre (Horror, Thrillers, action) I have no problem especially if it’s a mix.

The way they did the story of the vampire in Dracula Untold putting their ‘own’ rules in it, well that is just common  knowledge pretty much, as don’t they say it actually takes 3 days for your body to fully digest?  (especially larger meals or certain types of food?)



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