The Hollywood Film Awards

The Hollywood Film Awards which,  for the first time has been televised tonight (November 14th 2014) since it’s inaugural year in 1997.

I’m not much of a fan of awards shows, I’ll watch the People’s Choice Awards and usually that’s about it, unless a significant amount of my favorite actors (and) or music artists are in the show as far as mainstream awards go, most of my favorite artists (mostly rock & Metal) are not in it unless it’s Linkin Park.  So like any awards, I was really only half watching, while reading a book, and flipping between that and SmackDown (Hey Tyson Kidd was in an Intercontinental Championship match… so I wanted to watch, also they were in England I came to learn sorry off topic anyway..) Well after catching the match just in time I turned back to the Awards just in time to get (what I think even if I watched whole show would be) the highlight of the night.


Jenifer Lopez comes out the present an award for (I thin it was) Family movie (or animated) and as she is making the introduction makes the flub calling it how to DRAIN your dragon.

1. I think they have all been drinking, but I think J*Lo needs to be cut off

2. I’ve never liked her a few songs but never her, however with this she just scored good side points with me.

3. my first thought was where’s her mind at, then I thought about that again & yelled at myself for my brain going to the gutter with that accident & thought!

So Gerard Butler accepts  the award “Thanks for the ‘Flawless’ presentation, and for a movie I didn’t even know I was in. How to drain your dragon.” then he went on saying  It’s hard enough to train one now I have to drain one (or I think that’s how he said that part.)


it’s about 15 -30 minutes after that & I’m really surprised to not be able to find a video of it yet.


oh ladies I thought you’d appreciate this   abtastic-moments/ & I thik I saw a few shots for the guys as well.




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