Carving up Thanksgiving

let me guess you said Wait did she add the post to the wrong blog? What does it have to do with entertainment you ask? Well frankly being a Christmas has so many specials I thought it would be nice for other holidays to catch up especially being as not everyone celebrates christmas. How many Hanuka (sp?)  specials or Kwanzaa are there (let alone any other holiday somewhat less known or shunned.. ahem. Yule, Winter solstice)

Valentines day has ‘My bloody valentine (watch the original one it’s better than the new one)

There are some holiday horrors for December like Santa’s Slay, Black Christmas ,

Kazuo Umezz’s Horror Theater: Vol. 3,  The Christmas Season Massacre / Satan Claus / Psycho Santa, Christmas Evil,



for now you can check out  Thankskilling



Praise, rants & Rage reply here

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