Thank you, Kurt Sutter, for the best scene on Sons of Anarchy. Ever.

you almost want to cry

A Blog About Nothing

Here is a first. I’m going to talk about a TV show. I usually don’t blog about television, but dang, after seeing this weeks episode of SOA, there are some thoughts I must convey.

I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy since Season 1. I began because my husband made me. But by Season 2, I was hooked. I almost swore it off when Opie whispered, “I got this.” And absolutely swore it off after seeing the final episode of Season 6,  A Mothers Love. (Why Kurt Sutter? WHY?!)

***Be advised: If you’re not up-to-date on Sons, this may contain spoilers***

But then I had a few months to take in all that had happened and decided, if Jax was ever going to get out, surely losing his wife would send him packing. But no. He went the opposite direction, diving headlong into the depths of depravity without…

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