Jeannie the Genie – Cocoa Beach, FL

The first Blast from the Past post came across in my reader and had to post. I hope no one will remake it as it’s funny as is but again at the same time I wish there would be for the kids of today to enjoy as much as I enjoyed the original ones growing up (& can still be seen on tv land or antennae tv check out your ‘classic’ tv stations) also for bewitched as well

Jeannie the Genie is a beautiful blond genie dressed in a harem costume seen on the NBC fantasy comedy series I DREAM OF JEANNIE (1965-70).


Born in Baghdad on April 1, 64 BC, Jeannie was imprisoned by the powerful Blue Djinn when she refused his proposal of marriage. Her punishment was to be turned into a genie, imprisoned in a bottle and forced to live an eternity of loneliness.

Some two thousand years later, Tony Nelson, a NASA astronaut crash-lands on a desert island and finds her bottle on the beach while attempting to make an SOS rescue signal.


When he pulls the stopper from the bottle, out comes a stream of pink smoke which transforms into a gorgeous genie who speaks the words that most men would long to hear…”Thou may ask anything of thy slave, Master.”

Now Tony was not your everyday animal, he was a gentleman and…

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